I have been selected by the incredible women at backHer to participate in the beta launch of their brand new crowd funding site! backHer is an innovative new platform that provides a crowdfunding service for projects that are women-led! How cool is that?!


My name is Claire, and I am the founder and lead artist behind Nerd Scouts.  I am a fiber artist, and the product that Nerd Scouts offers is miniature, wearable art pieces with nerdy designs that are inspired by science fiction and fantasy literature, pop culture, television shows, and movies. 


Enough about me... on to the Badges!

As of right now, I have over 100 different merit badge designs that you can enjoy, and I continue to create new designs every month. Every single item in my shop is hand made, by me. However, I want to expand the product line to offer you a number of new items at a variety of price points. I want to introduce a line of stickers, machine made badges, greeting cards, t-shirts, and so much more!

I have put every spare penny I have into Nerd Scouts, but as a working artist, I just don't have the start up capital to do all the great things I have planned! Which is why I have decided to offer great badges, art prints, shirts, and other great items via this crowdfunding campaign so that I can keep them coming in the future.

 Though Nerd Scouts is not a physical scouting group, I do have faith that as more people get in on this, the community will grow as well. I can just imagine the excitement walking down the street and spotting someone with a Nerd Scouts design on their backpack or jacket pocket. Ill know that thats my people!  Being able to represent my nerdy self with a cool piece of paraphernalia is something I would have loved as a young person, and I believe that other people want this too!


Financial Break Down:  

I am asking for $2,000 dollars to start out. I believe that with this little jump-start I will be able to invest in cool new products that will help me create newer and better badges! 


In order to make the best badges possible, I will need the following:  

Wacom Tablet: $500

Printing costs for limited edition art prints, cards, stickers, etc: $500

Machine Embroidery: $500

Tabling at Comic Con's: $100+ per convention

Website hosting: $150 a year

Adobe Creative Software: $100 a year


If my goal isn't met, whatever amount I do raise will go into purchasing my items from the above list from the top down. The most important item is a Wacom Tablet; a digital drawing pad to assist me in my digital art creations. My ever-expanding product line relies on the purchase of this tablet.

If you like the badges, please share my story and campaign on your social media platforms! It will make you feel good and allow more people to see the awesome projects that I have started and that BackHer is presenting!


You can contribute to my campaign here: www.backher.com

You can follow me on:

Twitter: @Nerd_scouts

Instagram: @Nerd_Scouts

Tumblr: nerd-scouts.tumblr.com