This is your Captain speaking...

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to Nerd Scouts Head Quarters! If this is your first time here, hello. If you are returning, welcome home!

For those of you who don't know, I'm Claire, Captain of this ship and creator of Nerd Scouts. Below you will find information about what Nerd Scouts is, how the badges are made, and how you can earn your first badge today!

A brief history...

My entry into the nerdiverse started when I was just a youngling, seeing Star Wars for the first time… and has been growing at an steady rate since. My predilection for being a nerd wasn't always something I was eager to declare- queue the 80’s movie style taunts- however through the years, and by finding friends with similar interests; I have learned to be more comfortable with myself, my hobbies and obsessions, and the ways they shape my life.  

I created Nerd Scouts back in 2015 when a random thought of, "I wonder what sort of 'after school activities' people do on other planets..." Surely there is more to life than preparing for battle with Dark Lords and playing the occasional game of space chess! I started dreaming up ideas for merit badges that one could earn should there be scouting organizations in sci-fi and fantasy worlds that are in our contemporary Earth pop culture.

Using skills that I actually first learned when I was in Girl Scouts (on Earth), I designed and stitched my first merit badge-- "Rebel Pilot: First Solo Flight", which, of course, you would earn after completing your flight training as a rebel pilot.

Over the years I have created hundreds of different patches. Each piece I make is a hand made, one of a kind, original artwork. No two patches are the same!  

How do I earn a badge?

Although ‘Scouts’ is in the name, Nerd Scouts is not a scouting organization, and badge earning is more of an honor system.

Visit our Badges section and find a design that strikes your fancy. There are books, movies, TV Shows, comics, pop culture, and so much more that you might be a fan of, so start off by picking one and read about the requirements to earn said badge. If you are satisfied with your accomplishments, you can purchase your badge! You may even find that you have already earned some just by being the incredible human that you are! Go ahead and start collecting merit badges, soon enough you will be able to rock them on your vest, sash, bag, or where ever you want to show them off!

*Nerd Scouts is not responsible for any injuries that may occur whilst fighting Wampas,  taking a ring to Mordor, or any other activity that you may attempt*

How Are The Badges Made?

I hand-embroider them! Every badge is hand embroidered with cotton and silk thread, on cotton or linen fabric, then stitched onto a felt backing and a removable pin-back is attached.  I draw and design the imagery, pick the color schemes, and hand stitch every badge. Every single badge is a one of a kind piece of wearable art that you can take home with you! I spend anywhere from 4-15 hours on my badges, each one of them unique!

All the badges are 100% customizable, so if you want a different color scheme, different lettering, shoot me an email and let me know!

How do I stay up to date with new releases, sales, give aways, and other cool stuff?!

Follow us!!

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Now that I have all these badges, what do I do with them?!

Pin them on your jacket, bag, backpack, lunch box, purse, scarf, vest, sash...ANYWHERE! Don't forget to take a picture and tag us so we can see how really really ridiculously good looking you are!!

I like a lot of these badges, but I feel like they aren’t quite right for me…

Never fear! I do custom orders! For nearly the same price as other badges, I will create a custom order just for you. We can work together to create a design, pick out the color pallet, and lettering! Email me on the Contact Page to set up a custom order!